Printable Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a key part of ensuring that the details of a transaction are available to both parties. It is similar to a receipt in that it is drawn up to show that a transaction has taken place and that the terms were finalized between both parties, but how do you create a bill of sale?

Recently, printable bills of sale have been gaining traction as the best choice when it comes to formulating them. There are a few key advantages to printing a bill of sale. We’re going to look at some of these advantages so that you can determine if a printable bill of sale is right for your needs.

What is a Printable Bill of Sale?

A printable bill of sale is exactly what it sounds like. These are bills of sale that have already been formulated by experts, and they typically feature blank spaces where you can input the details of your transaction, making them unique to your sale despite their template - like nature.

Whether you decide to fill in a printable bill of sale using PDF software on the computer or if you wish to print out the bill of sale and fill it out by hand is entirely up to you and the other party. It’s up to whether you prefer the more hands - on approach of doing it by hand or ensuring that there are no possible misunderstandings due to handwriting on the computer.

Benefits of Using a Printable Bill of Sale

You Can Save a Trip to the DMV

Most DMVs can draw up a bill of sale or at least provide the two parties with a template document that they can fill out with the required details. However, you’ll likely have to go to your local DMV in person to get your hands on these bills of sale.

Anyone who has been to the DMV already knows how long and nightmarish the lines can get. If you’d rather avoid that eventuality, you’d be much better off printing out your bill of sale. You can also get a bill of sale mailed to you by your DMV, but that can also take quite a long time.

You Don’t Have to Draw Up Your Own

If you have sufficient knowledge when it comes to drawing up paperwork, you can potentially create your own bill of sale template. While this is possible, it also creates a possibility that you overlook an aspect of an official bill of sale, rendering the one that you drew up void.

While this isn’t guaranteed, it’s still an eventuality that is best avoided and one of the reasons why you should carefully look over any printable bill of sale that you use for any typos or errors.

Both Parties Can Be Satisfied

When it comes to large transactions like the ones that bills of sale are used for, there is often an element of mistrust between both parties. By using a printable bill of sale, you have a neutral source for the document that can leave both parties feeling at ease that there’s nothing funny going on.

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